Dual Employment Gets Court OK

Having two jobs with the one employer has been a feature of a few enterprise agreements for decades, but it is largely unknown, and thought to be a bit risky. But a recent Federal Circuit Court decision has confirmed the legality of it, alleviating concerns about adopting the practice. The case concerned a shire council […]

Privacy Rules

An employer has been hit with $60,000 in damages for giving employees names to a union without the employees’ consent. The trouble started for the company during the Royal Commission into Union Corruption when it was discovered that the company had furnished employees’ names, and a cheque, to the union, during enterprise bargaining negotiations. But […]

Penalties and Casual Loading Confusion

A recent FWC appeal bench has dealt with the often vexed question of what rate of pay applies to casuals on overtime and other penalty-attracting situations. Agreeing with the decision made at first instance, the bench applied certain penalties to the loaded casual rate, which appears to be at odds with the raison d’etre for […]

Stop-work Meetings a Bargaining Loop-Hole?

When a construction company agreed to include a union meeting clause in its enterprise agreements, it clearly didn’t foresee the provision being used to create mayhem on its building sites. But that’s what happened, with the stop work meetings being used by the union to pressure the company to stop using non-union contractors on its […]

Annualised Salary Provisions – FWC Award Changes

The Fair Work Commission has determined to provide greater protections for award covered employees paid an annual salary. The FWC decision will require employers who enter into an annualised salary arrangement to specify in writing which award entitlements are included in the salary, the method used to calculate the salary identifying each separate component and […]

What will the 2019 FWC Increase Be?

The Fair Work Commission’s Annual Wage Review is shaping up to deliver another significant increase to minimum award wages. The constant discourse about wages of late has been the almost non-existence of wage rises. With bargaining largely in the doldrums and not delivering any significant increases where it is active, serious economic analysts are calling […]

New Theory for Low Wage Rises?

The low wage rise low unemployment phenomenon has had experts head scratching, and the Reserve Bank of Australia has been at the forefront of trying to figure it out. Now the RBA’s  Deputy Governor has postulated another possibility – that low job mobility may be partly the reason. The theory goes that most people voluntarily […]

Why enterprise bargaining training matters

Enterprise bargaining, especially the first time around, can be an overwhelming experience. Even more so if it is initiated by a well-resourced union. There are so many angles to cover, interests to serve, rules and regulations to observe. So where to start? Your team needs to be prepared An informed, capable team will greatly enhance […]