Competitors Oblige Agreement Termination

What to do with an agreement with generous conditions when your competitors keep beating you on all your tenders? This problem faced a company that found earlier largesse was coming back to bite as more players entered their patch, leaving them behind.

Don’t push your luck when bargaining

Sometimes it’s just not the right time to be bargaining for a new enterprise agreement, so there’s a temptation to adopt spoiling tactics. But they can backfire. And if that happens, there is a real risk of enforced bargaining and a threat to reputation as well.

Agreement approvals getting more efficient

Reacting to stakeholder concerns and political pressures, the Fair Work Commission has appreciably sped up enterprise agreement approval processes. Almost mirroring recent failed time-limit legislative moves, the FWC is now settling an impressive 80% of approval applications inside three weeks.

Intimidation, or just stating plain facts?

When a services company was faced with a mining operator’s ultimatum to reduce costs or lose the contract, it acted.  It decided that without a reduction in wage rates, penalties, and overtime entitlements (to apply only to new recruits), the contract would be lost.

Enterprise Agreements: Specific Explanations Needed

Once again the FWC has baulked at approving agreements where it was not convinced the employers had taken all reasonable steps to explain the proposed deals to the employees.

Casual changes pass Parliament

For the first time, a casual will be defined in federal legislation. Importantly, the definition focuses on the intention of the employer and the employee at the start of the relationship in identifying the true nature of the employment contract. This development follows the controversial Workpac cases where employees, engaged and paid as casuals, were […]

JobKeeper payment: what we do and don’t know

The Australian Government’s wage subsidy plan will help more than 6 million people who have seen their income fall because of the Coronavirus pandemic.The JobKeeper scheme gives affected businesses $1500 per fortnight, per employee to help pay the wages of an estimated 6.7 million Australians for six months. Employers need to apply for the wage […]

Employment stand down: what you need to know

Due to ongoing requirements put in place by governments to contain the spread of the Coronavirus, and the resulting significant loss in trade, we have advised that a large proportion of the workforce is to be progressively stood down from work over the coming days/weeks in response to this situation. This is a very stressful […]